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Smart Mining - Smart People

The AMT stands for a holistic, competence-oriented university education with the aim of preparing graduates in the best possible way for the diverse and complex challenges and tasks in professional life.

Due to the fourth industrial revolution, mining will also change significantly in the coming decades. In combination with an efficient, sustainable and environmentally conscious use of existing resources, mining in the sense of Mining 4.0 will be characterized by increasing digitalization and automation. In order to cope with the new challenges and future working environments, the requirements and training profile of future mining engineers will also have to change and adapt.  For an actively designed and successfully implemented digitization, the importance of a holistic and modern engineering education cannot be emphasized enough.

The AMT sees itself as responsible here for taking on a pioneering role and integrating innovative teaching and learning concepts into the training of tomorrow's engineers. The "Learning Factory Mining 4.0" currently being planned and the current project "CDIO II: Implementing CDIO in Raw Materials Sector" are examples of how this is implemented and lived at AMT.

The AMT is also actively involved in the international CDIO network, which is committed to a change in university education for engineers. CDIO stands for Conceive Design-Implement-Operate and aims at a stronger practice and application orientation in the training as well as at the consideration of the development of personal and social competences, entrepreneurship and the ability to innovate besides the imparting of specialized knowledge in the sense of T-Shaped Professionals. T-Shaped Professionals means that a bar of broader qualifications in innovation, sustainability, entrepreneurship and social skills, which taken together form the letter "T", rests on the foundation of sound and deep expertise.