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Your Partner for Application-Oriented Research

AMT's service portfolio is the result of decades of practical research.

The services offered by the AMT offer the possibility of technology transfer, within the framework of which the essential technological findings can be made directly economically usable beyond publicly funded projects.

The raw materials industry's need for innovation is not automatically synonymous with new technologies. Often it is promising to adapt existing technical solutions to new requirements. For example, the Acoustic Emission Technology, a method familiar from materials testing, can be used to characterize material flows. The use of thermal imaging cameras (infrared thermography) is another application that has emerged from AMT's industry-oriented research. What is new here is its use as an imaging process in which information is generated from processes with the aid of automated image processing algorithms. The AMT uses ultra wideband radio technology for wireless communication and as an independent positioning and localization system, with applications ranging from simple personnel tracking to the localization of underground mining machines.

AMT offers customers from industry and commerce a portfolio of services and, on request, carries out measurements and investigations, modelling and simulations as well as entire research projects on behalf of customers in accordance with our research focus.

Our service portfolio gives you a detailed overview of our various service offerings. In the list of our current research projects you will also find numerous examples of current research and development work.

If you are interested, please contact us at any time without obligation at info@amt.rwth-aachen.de