Next Generation Carbon Neutral Pilots For Smart Intelligent Mining Systems

NexGen SIMS (Next Generation Carbon Neutral Pilots For Smart Intelligent Mining Systems) emerged from the successfully implemented Horizon 2020 project SIMS. This is also a demonstration action project. A key aspect of the project is the development of carbon neutral, autonomous mining processes.

In order to achieve the project goal, the AMT is significantly involved in four work packages.

The Digital Miner work package is about the miner of the future. Based on the experiences from the previous projects, a concrete vision for future jobs in the mining sector is to be developed.

The AMT will be responsible for developing a system for the short-term provision of a communication network in areas without any infrastructure, for example after blasting.

Furthermore, a sensor system will be developed to monitor the air quality in mines, especially when switching to battery-powered vehicles.

As a contribution to autonomous driving and to increase the safety of workers and machines, the AMT is also involved in developing a sensor system for an automated muckpile detection.