Annual AMT Conferences

The biennial Smart Mining Conference (SMC) focuses on trends and technological developments to advance smart mining or Mining 4.0. It offers national and international technology providers the opportunity to present the latest developments in the field of Mining 4.0 but also to learn about where mining companies are setting their priorities and what trends are informing investment decisions in the near future. Since its introduction in 2015, SMC has developed into an important planform for an exchange among research and industry. More information on the conference homepage

The alternating biennial High-Performance Mining Conference (HPM) addresses an international audience of experts from the mining industry to discuss conditions and opportunities for increasing productivity in modern high-performance mining and to present best practice examples of high performance mining. More information on the conference homepage

Smart Mining Conference (SMC)

The Institute for Advanced Mining Technologies of RWTH Aachen University, together with DMT GmbH und Co. KG and VDMA Mining presented the "Smart Mining Conference", the new edition of the "Forum Mining 4.0" for the first time in 2019, when 200 national and international participants came to the Tivoli in Aachen. In 2021, the Smart Mining Conference will be held digitally on November 17 & 18.

The Smart Mining Conference (SMC) is held alternately with the International Conference on High-Performance Mining (HPM) every two years. The aim of the conference is to bring together international mining companies, suppliers and experts from research and industry to discuss current trends and developments as well as new applications and opportunities in the field of automation and digitalization of mining processes and machinery.

Various thematic sessions present practical individual examples and thus convey the possibilities of implementing Industry 4.0 in the mining sector.

Key questions of the conference include:

  • What trends and new developments are shaping the further advancement of smart mining operations?
  • What does it mean to build and run a smart mine at this point in time?
  • Where do suppliers and mining companies need to focus in order to pave a successful path into the future?
  • What strategies are technology providers and machine manufacturers using to respond to change?
  • What are the latest technological trends that are moving the industry forward towards smart and integrated operations?

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International Conference on High-Performance Mining (HPM)

The International Conference on High-Performance Mining takes place every two years, alternating with the Smart Mining Conference, and is organized by the Institute for Advanced Mining Technologies (AMT) and supported by VDMA Mining as co-organizer. The launch event in 2018 attracted about 180 participants from 20 countries to the Aachen SuperC. In 2020, the conference was held as a virtual event with about 190 international participants.

The aim of the conference is to provide comprehensive insights into international transformation and innovation processes on the basis of an integrated approach to the consideration of people, technology and the environment and, by highlighting success factors and challenges, to inspire participants to make further changes in modern mining and to show that sustainable and at the same time economically successful modern high-performance mining is not a dream of the future but a possible reality.

The target group of the conference is the national and international mining industry as well as representatives from science, politics and industry associations who want to discuss success factors for high-performance mining and learn from international benchmark projects and get inspired for what is possible today and in the future.

The focus is on the exchange between the supplier industry and international mining companies as well as between research and industry. Mining companies in particular appreciated the non-commercial intent of the conference, which is designed to promote a factual exchange.