Here you can find an overview of prizes and awards for projects and employees of the institute

Borchers Plaque 2022

Dr. Tobias Hartmann, Senior Engineer at AMT, received the 2022 Borchers Plaque for his doctoral thesis "A Contribution to Underground Navigation of Mobile Machines". The Borchers Plaque is awarded annually by the Rector of RWTH Aachen to those graduates who have completed their doctorate with "summa cum laude".

Michael Karmis SOMP PhD Fellowship Award 2022

Alexandra Radl, M. Sc. and senior egnineer at AMT, received the Michael Karmis SOMP PhD Fellowship Award for work as part of her doctoral thesis on "Sensor-Based Detection of Loose Rock during the Mechanized Scaling Process." Annually, a junior member of the Society of Mining Professors (SOMP) is awarded this prize.

"Famos für Familie" 2021

Every year, the "FAMOS for Family" prize is awarded to leaders at RWTH Aachen University who, through their leadership style, have made a particular contribution to reconciling work and family life. In 2021, Prof. Elisabeth Clausen was awarded the RWTH prize. In gratitude for the trust placed in her, Prof . Clausen decided to invest the prize money in a summer party for her employees and their families, which took place in late summer 2021.

GDMB-Sponsorship Award 2021

In October 2021, the Society of Metallurgists and Miners e .V . awarded the GDMB Sponsorship Award 2021 to Moritz Ziegler for his master's thesis in the field of underground UWB positioning. The €3000 award is presented each year to a young engineer whose outstanding work makes a constructive contribution to the GDMB's fields of expertise. Mr. Ziegler is currently employed as a research associate and doctoral student at the AMT .

German Raw Material Efficiency Award 2020

Every other year, the German Federal Agency for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR) awards the German Raw Material Efficiency Award. The award honors outstanding examples for the increase of raw material and material efficiency from industry and research. In 2020, the Institute for Advanced Mining Technologies (AMT), together with the Institute of Mineral Processing (AMR) at RWTH Aachen University, received the German Raw Material Efficiency Award for the results of the nationally AiF-funded project "Development of an online measurement system for material flow characterization in processing plants of the gypsum industry". In this project, a system was developed to distinguish gypsum and anhydrite in-line on a conveyor belt. The gypsum content is determined with a precision of 2.5% and a temporal resolution of 5 seconds. Up to now, this determination of the degree of purity is still realized by laboratory analyses of sample material.

Helmuth-Burckhardt-Award 2019

The Helmuth Burckhardt Award of the Raw Materials and Mining Association (VRB) was awarded in 2019 to Maximilian Getz, research associate and doctoral candidate at the AMT. The Burckhardt Prize has been awarded annually since 1971 for outstanding exam performance in the master's program in the field of study of mining and raw materials engineering or the "Große Staatsprüfung". The award, which is endowed with €5,000, is intended to enable the prize winner to gain further insights into mining abroad as part of a study trip.

GDMB Sponsorship Award 2018

Dr.-Ing. Tobias Vraetz received the GDMB Sponsorship Award endowed with 3,000 € for his dissertation entitled: "Development and application of an innovative concept for the inline characterization of substance mixtures in continuous mass flows by means of acoustic emission technology", which was prepared at the AMT of RWTH Aachen University, during the members' meeting in Goslar in October 2018. Tobias Vraetz was employed as a research associate at the AMT from September 2013 to March 2018.

Berlin Barbara Prize by GDMB, 2018

Violetta Storoschewich was awarded the Berlin Barbara Prize in Goslar on October 11, 2018. The €3,000 prize is awarded
prize is awarded for outstanding theses in the fields of mining, raw materials, tunneling and geosciences. The prize is awarded to candidates who have shown above-average commitment in the preparation of their theses. Ms. Storoschewich was honored for her master's thesis, which focused on the use of infrared thermography for the automation of bucket chain excavators. She is now employed as a doctoral student at the AMT.